Diploma in Beautician and Hairdressing

Diploma in Beautician and Hairdressing

Duration – 1 Year and 6 months

Diploma Course will give candidates a vast & complete knowledge lf managing a salon with added benefits of staff management, staff reimbursement, salon maintenance & most importantly professional ethics. This complete course will give the student the confidence to open & manage a salon of international standard.


  • Students undergo a continuous assessment in both the practical & theoretical components of the program.
  • Each module of study will be assessed on a daily basis (with the use of a check list pertaining to the practical performance of the student).
  • At the end of each module, students sit for a practical examination.
  • At the end of the final module students take a written examination.
  • All students maintain a Student Record Book for their daily assessment.
  • Attendance during the entire program of study shall also be accounted for.

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